24 GAME Algebra Readiness Exponents 96 Card Deck

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by Suntex International, Inc.

Ages 12 +
Grades 7 - Adult
Made in the U.S.A.

24 Algebra Readiness Exponents
Three levels of challenge:
Cards offer different levels of difficulty, 1 Dot cards are easy, 2 Dot cards are medium and 3 Dot cards are tough.
How To Play - Make the number 24 using the 4 numbers on a game card. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide AND you must use an exponential operation once (and only once). You can square, cube, take the square root or cube root of a number on a card, or a computed number. Use all four numbers, but use each number only once.
Algebra (48 cards) How To Play - Find a value for x and/or y (any  whole number from
1 to 9) which, when used with the other numbers on the card, can make 24. You can add,
subtract, multiply, and divide. Use all four numbers, but use each number only once.
Educational Benefits:
- Proven popular with kids and adults.
- Builds strong mental mathematics and problem-solving skills.
- Helps improve test scores.
- Sharpens concentration.
- Used in more than 100,00 classrooms.
What' in the Box?

48 Cards Exponents
48 Cards Algebra
192 Combinations

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