Addition & Subtraction Country Audio CD & Book

Addition & Subtraction Country Audio CD & Book
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Addition & Subtraction Country "Audio CD & Book"
by Rock N Learn

Ages 6 +
Grades 1st+
Approx. 30 minutes Audio CD & Book
Made in the U.S.A.

Learning addition and subtraction facts is easy with these country math songs on CD from Rock 'N Learn. Students develop quick, accurate recall for facts with sums through 18 and differences from 18 by singing along with the country songs. Facts are presented in random order with delayed answers so that students can check their progress. Comes with reproducible activity book.

Addition & Subtraction Country

What's in the Package?

  • Up to 10  (sums to 10, mixed)
  • Keep Subtracting, Pardner (from numbers up to 10, mixed)
  • Plus Minus Boogie (mixed addition & subtraction facts)
  • Big Country Add  (sums to 18, mixed)
  • Havin' Fun at the Math Rodeo (subtraction from numbers 11 to 18, mixed)
  • The Country Way (addition & subtraction mixed facts)
  • Classroom Cowboy (more addition & subtraction mixed facts)

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