Animals of All Kinds Flash Cards

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Animals of All Kinds Flash Cards
by School Zone

Ages 4 +
54 Animal Cards, 1 Animal Classes Card, and 1 Parent Card
Made in the U.S.A.

These Animal Flash Cards feature full-color pictures and interesting facts about animals.

Did you know that there are probably more chickens than any other single kind of bird?

Or that ducks have waterproof feathers? How about that koalas aren't really bears? These are the kinds of facts found on the Animals of All Kinds Flash Cards. Explore these cards with your child to learn about the size, habitat, class, and characteristics of each animal. Flip the cards over and you can look at each animal’s picture, helping your child associate pictures with information and words. No one is ever too old to play with the Animals of All Kinds Flash Cards—there is something for everyone to learn!

Animals of all kinds flash cards have a full color picture of an animal on the front and interesting facts about the animal on the back.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• 54 cards full of interesting facts
• Clear, realistic illustrations of each animal
• Examples of 8 animals classes: amphibians, arachnids, birds, fish,
insects, mammals, mollusks, and reptiles
• Letters written in bold, block-style
• Thick, glossy cardstock
• Rounded corners for easy sorting
• A great value!

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