Avalanche Fruit Stand

Avalanche Fruit Stand
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Avalanche Fruit Stand

Ages 3 +
Grades Pre-Kindergarten +
Players 1 - 4

Are you steady enough to work at this fun fruit stand? Spin the wheel, then use the jumbo tweezers to pick or place fruit.

  • Develops fine motor skills, especially the all–important pincer grasp that prepares children for handwriting
  • Reinforces color and fruit vocabulary
  • Perfect for teachers, specialists and occupational therapists

A Color Matching Fine Motor Skills Game!

How to Play:

* Spin the spinner
* Use the tweezers to carefully pick a matching fruit off the Fruit Stand.
* Watch Out! Don't start an avalanche!
* Be the first player to collect 1 of each fruit to win!

What's in the Box?

40 fruit counters (5 different fruits), 2 jumbo tweezers, picture spinner, and adjustable cardboard fruit stand/storage box measuring 6"L x 9.5"W x 13.75"H

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