Blurt! Travel Game

Travel Blurt! game
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Travel Blurt! Game
The hilarious on-the-go game of rapid word recall!

Ages 10 - 99
Grades 5 +
Players 3 - 4 or teams
Now you can Blurt! on the go! This handy, portable version of best-selling Blurt!

How to Play:

1. Players take turns reading clues aloud.

2. All players blurt out answers.

3. Correct answers are tracked on a magnetic scoreboard.

4. The first player to reach the top of the scoreboard wins!

Hold That Thought

In this game-play version, you can only blurt once. If you blurt the wrong answer, you are eliminated until another clue is read. So blurt fast, but blurt carefully. Anything blurted by mistake can help opposing players.

Think fast, but think smart, to win this fun, fast-paced game of rapid word recall!

Object of the Game

Be the first player or team to reach 12 points. Points are earned by being first to blurt out the correct word after hearing its definition or “clue.”?

What's in the Box?

450 words on 75 double-sided cards, card sleeve, scoreboard, 4 magnetic score pieces, and instructions
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