Chemistry Quizmo Game

Chemistry Quizmo Game
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Chemistry Quizmo Game

Ages 10 +
Grades 5th +
Players 2 - 20

Chemistry Quizmo practice with the Periodic Table of the Elements!

Students stumped by noble gases, alloys, isotopes and polymers?

Chemistry Quizmo® will help students gain practice solving for either the chemical name or symbol for elements found in the Periodic Table of the Elements while also learning fun element trivia.

From Hydrogen (H) to Radium (Ra), discover fun facts, unusual uses and the stories behind an element's name. Two levels of play.

Educational Benefits:

By playing Chemistry Quizmo® students will: 1. Indentify chemical elements by chemical name and chemical symbol. 2. Gain an understanding of basic properties and uses of chemical elements.

The Periodic Table of the Elements includes 118 chemical elements categorized into periods, groups, and chemical series based on the properties of each element. Many of the elements included in the Periodic Table are extremely rare and/or are radioactive elements that have been artificially produced in laboratory settings. Many of these radioactive elements currently have no known uses outside of scientific research. For this reason, only 74 elements have been chosen for inclusion in this game. Chemical elements are identified by both their chemical name, such as "Nitrogen", and their chemical symbol, such as "N".


36 double-sided game boards, 74 calling cards, plastic markers and instructional guide

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