Colors & Shapes Deluxe Edition Workbook

Colors & Shapes Deluxe Edition Workbook
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Colors and Shapes Deluxe Edition Workbook

Ages 4 - 6
Grades Preschool / Kindergarten - 1st Grade
64 to-do pages with colors/shapes/patterns
Made in the U.S.A.

With this energetic workbook, preschool and kindergarten skills take shape. Triangles, rectangles, circles, and more! Name them, find them, draw and trace them, then color them. This 64-page Colors & Shapes
workbook from the Get Ready! series helps your child build skills that
make both reading and math come more easily and naturally. Simple but
important strategies such as using an orange crayon to color the drawing
of an orange, then tracing the word ‘orange,’ reinforce connections
between objects, words, colors and patterns. This workbook is packed
with large, attention-getting illustrations that keep things playful.
Easy-to-read instructions and fun-to-do activities create a learning
experience that parents and children can enjoy together.

Fun Features & Benefits
• Golden Scholar Club redemption code
• Whimsical illustrations
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Tear-out pages make great individual worksheets
• Certificate of Achievement inside back cover

Educational Skills:

shapes; colors; patterns; tracing; object identification; eye-hand coordination

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