Coodju Lite Game

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by Anomaly Games

Ages 7 & Up
For 2 or more Players

Coodju Lite™ (pronounced “could you”) is a unique spelling game designed especially for kids.

Children will spell words not only forwards, but also with just the vowels, with only the first and last letter, and in other fun and zany ways. Coodju Lite™'s team effort promotes word visualization, pronunciation, and reading. It can easily be customized to a child's spelling ability, making it perfect for classrooms. The spinner has five unique and fun spelling variations. The cards have words for ages seven & up on one side and words for ages nine & up on the flip side.

What's in the Box?

128 Coodju Cards, 10 Twist Cards, 6 Pass Word Cards, Coodju Lite Spinner, 45-Second Timer, Quick Play Instructions, Travel Bag

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