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Ages 7 +
Players 2 or More
Time to Play: 30 Min.

Deluxe Pit features the same action packed game play as classic Pit and it includes a wonderfully crafted silver-toned bell for added excitement!

Shout your deal and trade your  cards to "corner" the market. Be the first to get all the cards of one commodity, ring the bell, and you'll win the hand. You'll feel like a trader in the "pits" of the exchange! Beware of the Bear and take your chances with the bull. Deluxe Pit is great frenzied fun.


74 Casino-Quality Cards, Illustrated Rules and Silver-Colored Bell

Deluxe Pit Card Instructions:

PIT has entertained millions of happy “traders” since it was first conceived at Parker Brothers and published in 1904! How long ago was 1904? Well, the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first airplane the prior December. Back then, near the turn of the century, trading in commodities was a new and highly publicized activity. Although anyone with money could buy contracts on wheat, or corn, or barley, it was a very risky business — even for the experts. Traders could lose everything in a matter of minutes, or become wealthy beyond dreams. In other words, commodity trading was — and still is — a breath-taking theme for a novel game. And under the leadership of George Parker — the firm’s founder — PIT became one of Parker Brothers truly great card games.

Today, over 90 years later, PIT continues to provide great frantic fun for fans, young and old alike!

Be the first player to score a total of 500 points. This usually takes several hands of play. At the sound of the bell, you become a trader, as if you’re at the commodity exchange, trying to “corner” the market on one of the following commodities: Wheat, Barley, Coffee, Corn, Sugar, Oats, Soybeans, Oranges. You “corner the market” when you have in your hand all 9 cards
of the same commodity.

One deck of 74 cards - 8 suits of 9 cards each, plus a Bull card and a Bear card, and a trading bell.

Set Up:
There are two versions of PIT. The basic game is played without the Bull and Bear cards. Remove them from the deck if you want to play the basic game.

1. Place the trading bell in the center of the table.
2. Prepare a score sheet.
3. Select a dealer.
4. The dealer prepares the deck for play as follows: Use one complete 9-card suit per each player in the game. Leave the remaining suits out of play for the entire game.
5. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals 9, face down, to each player.
6. Pick up your cards and arrange them by suit. Be sure no one else can see them.
7. While arranging your cards, decide on which commodity you’ll try to corner. It’s usually best to try to corner the commodity of which you start with the most cards.
8. After everyone has had a chance to sort his or her cards, the dealer strikes the bell and announces: “The market is open.”

At the sound of the bell, begin to trade by taking from your hand one to four cards of the same commodity. They will be of a commodity you do NOT wish to corner. Hold up the cards (taking care the other players can’t see the suit ) and call, “Trade One! One! One!” or “Trade Two! Two! Two!” etc., depending on the number of cards you wish to trade.

You may trade cards with any opponent who is calling out the same number. Sometimes a particular opponent will want to trade fewer cards than ® you do. In this case, you may lower your bid and trade the smaller number. Continue trading until one player gets 9 cards of the same suit. If you get there first, hit the bell and call out “Corner on Corn!” (or whatever the commodity may be). Score the points marked on the commodity you’ve cornered and record it on the score sheet. Example: If you corner the market on Corn, you win 75 points. The winner of the corner reshuffles the cards and deals the next hand.

You win the game by being the first player with at least 500 points. For a shorter game, the first player with 250 points wins.

Playing with the Bull and Bear Cards: 
When you add the Bull and Bear cards to the deck, two players will receive a tenth card. If you’re dealt ten cards, you may call “Corner” if you have 9 cards of the same commodity and one other card. Simply lay down the 9 matching cards and place the extra card aside. Beyond that, play is the same as in the basic game, except for the values and penalties attached to the Bull and Bear cards. The Bull card can be either a “wild” card or a penalty card; the Bear card always carries a penalty.
If you hold the Bull card when you have 8 cards of the same suit, hit
the bell, call “Bull Corner” and score the points marked on the commodity
you’ve cornered. If you hold the Bull card when you have 9 cards of the
same suit, hit the Corner board, call “Double Corner” and score double the
points marked on the commodity you’ve cornered.
If you hold either the Bull or Bear card when an opponent calls “Corner,” you lose 20 points. If you hold both the Bull and Bear cards when an opponent calls “Corner,” you lose 40 points. (In PIT, your score can go below 0.)

You should trade the Bear card as soon as you get it, because 1) it will
cost you points if someone else goes out; and 2) while you hold it, you cannot
lay down your hand even if you have 9 cards of a commodity. It is also
good strategy to trade the Bull card if you think the hand is about to end
and you’re not going to win.
You may trade the Bull and Bear cards at any time. You may trade them singly, in combination, or along with any other card(s) of a suit you wish to trade. At no time, however, may you trade more than four cards at once.

Variation: Silent Bidding
For a quieter version of PIT, try silent bidding. If you wish to trade, hold up your free hand with your palm away from you. Show the number of cards you wish to trade by holding up that same number of fingers. To match a bid, hold up your hand with your palm toward you, using as many fingers as the number of cards you wish to trade.

Variation: Pit as a Party Game
Any number of players may join in this exciting party variation. Use one PIT deck and trading bell for every 6 to 8 players seated at a table. You’ll find yourself moving from table to table during play. Keep your own score and carry it with you from table to table. The first player to win two corners (regardless of points actually scored) at one table moves to the next table.
At that time, the player with the highest score from each of the other tables moves to a different table. The first player to get a predetermined number of points (like 500) wins the entire game!
PIT® is a registered trademark ofHasbro, Inc.All Rights Reserved.Used under authorization.
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