Division Rock Audio CD & Book

Division Rock Audio CD & Book by Rock N Learn
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Division Rock Audio CD & Book
by Rock N Learn

Ages 8 & up.
Approx. 30 minutes
Made in the U.S.A.

Learning division facts is a breeze with these high-energy division songs on audio CD. Each group of facts has its own rockin' division song to keep students tuned in and motivated. Delayed answers give students time to respond before hearing the performer provide the answer, allowing learners to check themselves as they move at their own pace.

Division Rock CD comes with an activity book, including our very popular division rock mazes. Teachers and parents have permission to photocopy the activity pages for instructional use.

You will not find a more rockin' collection of division songs than what we've put together on this division rock CD. Kids love the energy and enthusiasm that these songs provide. They are the perfect supplement to a fourth grade math curriculum and help prepare students for standardized testing.

With less time needed to drill basic facts, teachers have more time for other activities. These division songs are perfect for listening centers in classrooms or for students to use at home or travel.


Division Rock Contents:

  • Let's Split (÷2)
  • It's a Breeze (÷3)
  • Division Avenue (÷4)
  • Rock 'N Learn Train (÷5)
  • Divide Time (÷6)
  • Seven's Up (÷7)
  • Eight the Whole Thing (÷8)
  • The Great Divide (÷9)

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