Drawing Conclusions: Shipwrecked Game, Blue Level

Drawing Conclusions: Shipwrecked Game, Blue Level EducationalLearningGames.com
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Drawing Conclusions Shipwrecked Game, Blue Level

Ages 8 +
Reading Level 3.5 - 5.0 Grades
Title One Approved!

When players are stranded on a desert island, they are forced to forage for food, water and supplies. To obtain these life-saving items, they must read and answer a story card in each of four categories - Health, Geography, Biology and Mathematics. Cards feature leveled passages and ask players to draw a conclusion from the text. Once a player has answered a card in each category, he or she is rescued and wins the game! Covers the following aspects of Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis

  •  Compact size saves space on the shelf and in the classroom
  •  High-interest graphics and content
  •  Short passages allow time for full comprehension and the chance to read a variety of topics
  •  Winning is based on knowledge and skills, not random factors
  •  Games address important content, not trivia
  •  Directions are easy to understand, so as not to restrict learning opportunities

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