Drive-Thru Menu Math Multiply & Divide Money Workbook

Drive-Thru Menu Math Multiply & Divide Money Workbook
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Drive-Thru Menu Math Multiply & Divide Money Workbook

Ages 10 +
Grades 4th - 6th
(Reading Level 3 - 4)
64 Pages
Supports NCTM Standards!
Printed in the U.S.A.

Real, Life, fast Food Menu Situations to Teach Basic Math Skills

An Appetizing Approach to Learning Math Skills!

From burgers to burritos, nearly everything you might order from a fast food restaurant can be found on the colorful menus included in this hands-on, practical math series. Students solve computation and real-life word problems by referring to the highly visual drive-thru menus. Figuring food costs, computing taxes, and making change are just a few of the skills covered in this hands-on series. Math objectives are clearly stated on each page making it easy to focus on the skills your students need most.

Engage struggling students with real-life math situations that can apply to everyday life. This motivating book offers lots of practice with computation activities and practical application word problems that include figuring food costs and tax, making change, totaling receipts, and more.

Step-by-step instructions remind students how to multiply and divide money. Students will have fun as they refer to the realistic menus to figure costs fo familiar drive-thru menu items.

Featured skills include more advanced computation, addition, and subtraction of multiple items using 3 to 5-digit numbers, multiplication and division of 3 to 5-digit numbers by 1 to 2 digits, figuring sales tax, and calculating discounts and sale prices.

Book includes 4 unique menus and requires more reading and target on-grade-level math skills.

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