Earth Science Game Science Lab, Grades 4–5

Science Lab Earth Science Game, Grades 4–5
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Earth Science Game Science Lab

Ages 8 +
Grades 4 - 5
Players 2 - 4

Space Lab * Weather Lab * Earth Lab * Mystery lab

Our fun games help students succeed at NCLB-mandated science testing!

  •  Players visit a variety of science labs, reading and answering questions along the way
  •  Topics include space, Earth and weather

Dig into earth science! Players answer questions as they visit the Space Lab, Weather Lab, Earth Lab, and Mystery Lab. The first player to make a discovery in each lab wins!

Awards Winner:

Teachers' Choice Award 2010 Learning Magazine for the Classroom
Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational Products Winner

Unearth fascinating facts!

Easy directions allow for more learning time!

Students will learn from the experts as they visit Dr. Harry Cane, Dr. Venus Moonstone, and others! As they roll the die and make their way to each lab, players read and answer cards that test their science knowledge. Players must correctly answer a card in each lab: the Space Lab, the Weather Lab, the Earth Lab, and the Mystery Lab. The first player to earn a card in each lab and answer a final question chosen by the other players wins!

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