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by Conceptual Math Media Inc.

Ages 8 - Adult
Grades 3rd+
For 2 to 4 Players or Teams

Equate The Equation Thinking Game! A Math Version of Scrabble!

Fun and challenging for both adults and children!

Have fun creating equations crossword style. Players lay down tiles on a playing board to form equality statements. Division is worth more than addition as are fractions and two-digit numbers. Rich in algebraic logic. Adapts to many levels.

Equate is a great math board game for family and classroom. Earn higher scores using division or fraction tiles and landing on premium board positions.

Fractions -
High-scoring fraction tiles motivate players to learn more about fractions.

Position -
Players strive for a high score by taking advantage of premium board positions.

Large Numbers -
Single digits placed adjacent to one another form larger numbers.

Strategy -
Equate is strategically challenging for advanced players who already know their math.  A game you'll never out grow.

Levels -
Adapts to many levels of play.

Award Winner:
Parents' Choice Recommended Award
Dr. Toys 10 Best Games Award
Games Magazine Best Game Award

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