Exploring Math with Polyhedra Dice Game and Book

Exploring Math with Polyhedra Dice Game and Book
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by Learning Resources, Inc.

Ages 9 - 13
DICE included!

Which way will the polyhedral roll, and what do you so with the numbers after they've been rolled? Invite the math themes below into your classroom using the 20 games in this book.
This 72-page book contains investigations and games that require the use of 4-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 20-sided dice as well as regular 6-sided and fraction dice.

Students complete an activity and then write about winning strategies or what happens if the parameters are changed. Teacher information includes probability background, classroom management, extensions, and game variations.
What's in the Package?
Exploring Math with Polyhedral Dice and Polyhedral Dices 

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