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Ages 10 & Up
3 to 6 Players

FART! Flatulent fun with your CD player!

Fart is the sound-sational game of rip-roaring fun that will challenge even straight-laced Aunt Grace to keep a straight face!

An instant source of laughter, Fart is the hilarious game where you race to be the first to discard all your cards... while being serenaded by the fast and frantic Fart chorus!

Every now and then an unrealistically enormous explosion will let rip...forcing you to change direction, pick up penalty cards, or "Pass the Wind" to your neighbor!

Wild hilarity at the press of a button, Fart is the side-splitting game that helps you to unwind... and release a little pressure!


99 Track Fart Effects CD, Score Pad, Rule Book, Fart Game Cards

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