Fraction Formula Game

Fraction Formula Game
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Fraction Formula Game
by Educational Insights
Ages 8 - 11
Players 4

A visual way to present fractions or parts of a whole!

It’s a race to “1” with this four-player fraction game! A Great Game to Teach Fractions!

1. Draw a card and find the corresponding fizzy fraction tile
2. Drop the tile into your cylinder
3. “Hold” if you think you’re as close to 1 as you’ll get without going over or draw another card if you think you can get closer by adding another fraction tile
4. The player who gets closest to 1 wins the round!

The Fill-Up-It-UP Fraction Game of Chance!

"Experiment" with fractions with this chemistry-set-inspired, hands-on fraction game. an exciting way to learn about fractional values, parts of a whole, and adding fractions. Game pieces also serve as a great manipulative!


4 tubes, 52 fraction cards, 52 fraction tiles, 20 scoring cards, and multilingual (English, French, Spanish, and German) teacher guide

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