Free-Range Fractions Game

Free-Range Fractions™ Game at!
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Free-Range Fractions™ Game

Ages 8 +
Grades 3 +
2 Players or teams

A farm-fresh fraction frenzy!

Crack open a carton of crazy fraction fun! This scrambled set includes 2 egg cartons, with 12 two-tone eggs each, 54 denominator loops and 45 fraction challenge cards. Race to turn over the fraction of eggs on the challenge card first!

How to Play:
1. Turn over a fraction card to start the race.

2. Find the corresponding denominator loops and place them over all the eggs.

3. Turn over the number of eggs corresponding to the numerator on the fraction card.

4. The first player to correctly depict the fraction on the card with their eggs wins!
A head-to-head, farm-fresh fraction frenzy!
What's in the Box?

2 Egg cartons, 24 Two-tone eggs, 2 Sets of 27 denominator rings, 44 Fraction challenge cards with answers on the back plus 1 cover card, and Guide

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