Fun Folks Word Families Last One Standing Game

Last One Standing Game, Fun Folks Word Families, Grade 1+
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Fun Folks Word Families Game
Last One Standing Game

Grade 1 +
Players 2 - 5
Reading Skills: Word Families
Title One Approved!

A fun and easy way for students to learn and practice basic language arts skills!

  •  Two ways to play; groups of 3 or 5 students
  •  Players compete to identify the card in each round that does not have a match
  •  The player holding the card without a match in each round wins that round
  •  Self-checking games promote discussion and peer learning
  •  Each game includes 200 cards, plus directions

Two ways to play:

In each round, there's only one lucky player whose card stands alone. Will it be you?

Players read the words on their cards aloud to see if another player has a word in the same word family. The player without a match wins the round and collects the cards. See who wins the most rounds to become the Rockin' Relative!

Or, if you think you're the fastest family mem]ber, lay the cards on the table for all players to see. The first player to find and grab the card without a match wins the round!

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