GeoSafari Dino Digs Velociraptors

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GeoSafari Dino Digs Velociraptors

Ages 7 +
Grades 2 +
Instructions .pdf GeoSafari Dino Digs Velociraptors

Offers a big dino-digging challenge on a small scale.

Paleontology set provides a realistic archaeological challenge on a student-size scale.

  • Invites students to excavate and assemble 2 complete velociraptor skeletons from “fossilized” rock like real archaeologists
  • Provides the perfect hands-on activity for dinosaur units
  • Includes excavation tool, dust brush, wax adhesive and 32-page Activity Guide with complete instructions and velociraptor facts

Uncover two amazing dinosaur replicas!

Unearth and assemble TOW Velociraptor skeletons, just like a real paleontologist!

Excavate assemble... and display!

Can you dig it?
dino Dig contains everything you need to wxcavate two complete Velociraptor skeleton! Use the included tools to unearth the "fossils" from the clay block, follow the instructions to assemble them, then display them or pose them in fierce battle with other dinos.

Award Winner:

"Right Start 2000 Best Toy Gold Award"
Kids Out Good Toy Guide Silver Award 2001
Right Start Best Toy 2001 Silver Award"

Dino dig includes:

  • Fossilized clay block with two sets of dinosaur skeleal bones
  • Excavation tools
  • Wax adhesive
  • Modeling stand
  • 32-page guide book including dino facts and history, excavation tips, assembly instructions, and pages for your own "Dig Notes"

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