Grammar Audio CD and Book

Grammar Audio CD and Book
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Grammar - Audio CD and Book
by Rock N Learn

Ages 8 +
Playing Time: 35 minutes
Made in the U.S.A.

Here's the musical way to learn about nouns, verbs, and pronouns. These songs feature fun grammar lessons for kids to help boost the skills needed for improved reading comprehension and writing. Cool songs and rhymes make the rules easy to remember. Students follow along with the book and practice identifying parts of speech in sentences. Immediate feedback by the performers allows kids to check their progress.

Besides the cool songs with lyrics, we've included other fun grammar lessons for kids in the reproducible activity book. You'll find worksheets for pronouns, linking, verbs, and verb tense. The book also provides activities to practice identifying parts of speech in sentences, Name That Noun, Verb List Contest, "Proper That Whopper," "Link ‘Em," and "Pronoun Change Out." Teachers and parents have permission to photocopy the pages for instructional use.

Grammar song titles include:

  • Introduction to Nouns
  • Practice With Nouns
  • Proper Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Noun/Pronoun Practice & Review
  • Introduction to Verbs
  • Practice With Verbs
  • Linking Verbs
  • Practice With Linking Verbs
  • Verb Tense
  • Practice With Verb Tense
  • Verb Practice & Review


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