Grammo Safari Game

Grammo Safari Game
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Grammo Safari Game - while supplies last! 

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 2 - 6

By using GRAMMO Safari, students will reinforce definitions of the eight parts of speech.

Wander through the jungle as you gain practice and skill with parts of speech. Find interjections in the trees with giraffes, hunt for pronouns with the cheetahs, seek out prepositions with the zebras, and more! The game offers practice with the eight different parts of speech.

Educational Benefits:

Identify and categorize words in context according to part of speech. Increase awareness of the different parts of speech.

By understanding the components of each part of speech, students can become stronger readers and writers. Sentence structure is easier to comprehend with parts of speech awareness covered in GRAMMO Safari, therefore helping to strengthen both reading and writing skills.

What's in the Box?

Four pawns, 1 die, 120-word cards, GRAMMO Safari game board, word list

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