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Healthy Helpings MyPlate Game
by Learning Resources

Ages 4 +
Grades Pre-Kindergarten +
Players 2 - 4

Teach children to identify foods and their food groups according to the USDA-approved MyPlate*, and create healthy meals as part of game play.

Object of the Game:

Be the first player to create a healthy meal using one food from each food group.

What's in the Box?

4 Placemats (game boards), 50 Food cards, Spinner,and Guide with food group facts


• Pass out one placemat to each player.

• Place all food cards picture-side up in a center pile.

How to Play:

• The youngest player goes first.

• Spin the spinner. If the spinner lands on:

A food group: 

Select a food card that you think belongs to that group. Check your answer by looking at the color on the back of the card. If you are correct, put the card on your plate. If you are not, put the card back in the pile. If you already have food on your plate from that food group, skip your turn.

Give: Give a food from your plate to another player who needs it. If you don’t have any food on your plate, or if no other player needs the food you have, skip your turn.

Take: Take a food from another player’s plate. If no other players have food on their plates, or if no other player has a food you need, skip your turn.

• Play continues to the right. It is now the next player’s turn.

•The first player to complete a healthy meal on MyPlate wins!

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