Human Body Double-Sided Magnetic

Human Body Double-Sided Magnetic
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Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body

Ages 5 - 8
Grades Kindergarten - 12th Grade
Includes 17 magnetic pieces

Twice the life science learning—skeletal system on one side and major organs and muscle groups on the other!

  • Creates a realistically detailed body more than 3'H!
  • Supports demonstrations, centers and more
  • Features multilingual Activity Guide with reproducible diagrams for students to label

Activity Starters
Choose a side for assembly (skeleton or organs) and place all the pieces on the board or distribute to students. Challenge students to assemble the pieces in the correct location to create a full model of the human skeleton or body. Discuss symmetry and other observations of the body and its bones, muscles, and organs. Use a magnetic dry-erase board to assemble the model and label body parts according to the content level of your students. Early learners can benefit from identifying common names of body parts (head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, etc.) and
discussing the five senses. Older students can go as far as labeling specific bones and organs. 

Make your whiteboard come alive with science!

Liven up your whiteboards and put these giant, double-sided magnets in the hands of students! Assemble the pieces to create a skeleton over 3 feet (1 m) tall. Flip the magnets over to explore major organs and muscles of the body!

17-Piece se includes:

  • Skull
  • Torso (4 pieces)
  • Upper arms (2)
  • Lower arms (2)
  • Hands (2)
  • Upper legs (2)
  • Lower legs (2)
  • Feet (2)

Fascinating Facts About the Human Skeleton
• A newborn baby has well over 300 bones at birth • An adult has just over 200 bones; many of the bones from birth join together or dissolve
• The biggest bone in the human body is the femur located in the upper leg
• The smallest is the stapes bone located in the middle ear
• Some bones are fused, or connected together, such as the bones located in the pelvis (hips) and the skull
• Blood is made in the bone marrow located on the insides of bones
• You are tallest in the morning; the cartilage that connects the bones in your spinal column is compressed (flattened) throughout

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