Human Body X-Ray Card Set

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Human Body X-ray Card Set

Ages 6 +
Grades 1 +
set includes 18 double-sided cards 5" x 4" (12.5 cm x 10cm)
Skeletal x-rays, digestive system, beating heart, joints, organs, muscles and more

Put science in motion to grow a deeper understanding of the human body. Transform images by tilting the lenticular cards. Double-sided cards animate science concepts on the front and summarize key concepts and vocabulary on the back.

  • Includes skeletal x-rays, digestive system, beating heart, joints, organs, muscles and more
  • Provides additional vocabulary and content on reverse side
  • Includes 18 double-sided cards (4"L x 5"H) in storage tray plus Activity Guide

The front sides of the cards show animation while the backs summarize key concepts and vocabulary:

Head, Mandible, Organs and Organ Systems, Eye, Mouth, Hand, Foot, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Neck, Spine, Lungs, Heart, Arm Muscles, Leg Muscles, Skeletal System, Skeletal Muscles

Suggested Activities
• Use the cards at a study table to help reinforce science concepts. Start with a few cards and rotate new cards in daily or weekly.
• Recycle used worksheets by cutting paper into rectangles and creating “fl ip books.” Have students use the cards as examples to create their own motion cards and to illustrate their understanding of science concepts. Have students use one of the sheets to write a quick summary of the animation and to highlight key vocabulary.

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