Human Eye Model Soft Foam Cross Section

Soft Foam Cross Section Eye Model
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Cross Section Eye Model Soft Foam
by Learning Resources

Ages 7 +
Grades 2+

Open up nature for inner exploration. When soft foam models split, one side shows the name of each part. The other side is labeled only with letters so kids can quiz themselves. The model features realistic details and includes an Activity Guide with lots of facts and a reproducible eye diagram to label.

  • Features cornea, iris, pupil, retina, lens, optic nerve, vitreous humor, sclera, choroid, macula ciliary muscle, optic disc and zonules
  • Measures 5" in diameter

Interesting Eye Facts

  • Color blindness occurs when a person is unable to distinguish between different colors such as red and gree. Color blindness is more commonly found in males and is caused by certain cones in the eye that are not present or not functioning properly.
  • Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes. A lack in vitamin A can cause nighttime sight deficiency. Foods such as sweet potatoes and carrots are good sources of vitamin A.
  • Red pupils in photographs are actually blood vessels in the back of the eye reflecting from the camera flash.
  • Looking directly at the Sun is dangerous because it can damage to the rods and cones in the retina which can lead to blind spots and permanent loss of vision.
  • Tears help kepp the eye clean from dust, germs, and other particles. Tears form every time a person blinks to keep the eyes from drying out.

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