Katamino Game

Katamino Wooden Game
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Katamino Wooden Game

Ages Children and Adults
Players one - 2
Playing Time: 10 Minutes
Katamino Instructions


Katamino Wooden Game is an award-winning children's game develops spatial skills for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school kids!

The first step of three-dimensional geometry!

Katamino is a building game that helps children understand basic concepts of geometry. Multiple puzzles with solutions that can be extremely simple or extremely difficult. A solitaire puzzle or strategic game with quick rounds for two players. Katamino is unusual loved by players of all ages and all skill levels. Recognized through numerous international awards. Katamino is one to the games purchased most often by schools and parents for its educational value.

KATAMINO is naturally differentiated for different levels of ability, by changing the size of the rectangle you choose to fill.
The puzzle board includes separate challenges to fit pentomino pieces into different sized rectangular grids. Because the puzzles can be graduated in difficulty level, KATAMINO is suitable for all ages.
Children and adults who struggle with manual dexterity for jigsaw puzzles should be able to easily grasp and manipulate the individual pentominoes.
The more the puzzles are played, the more they will help improve manual dexterity.
Pentomino problems help develop trial-and-improve strategies, perseverance, and reasoning skills.
The puzzles provide a high degree of challenge and encourage students to develop strong problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.
Puzzles provide a tactile approach to developing geometry and math skills.
Pentominoes and KATAMINO puzzles can be used to teach concepts such as area, perimeter, congruence, symmetry, volume, and classification. The tactile puzzle pieces enhance students' learning experiences. Examples for using KATAMINO in the classroom can be found under the "Learn More" tab.
Spatial awareness is improved with the use of the patterns and blocks that can be formed using the pentominoes.

Remove the blocks from the tray. Slide the divider bar between the notches marked #4. Select the orange, dark blue, pink and brown blocks (use the color chart for choices). Try to fit all four pieces into the notched-off area. If successful, move the divider bar between the notches marked #5. Add the purple block and try to fit all 5 blocks in the notched-off area. The more blocks you add, the more challenging Katamino becomes. Hours of fun are had with over 149 puzzles to attempt.

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