Keys To Comprehension Skills Game LEVEL A

Keys To Comprehension Skills Game LEVEL A
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Keys To Comprehension Skills Game LEVEL A (only a few left discontinued by the manufacturer)

Ages 6 - 8
Grades 2+
Players 2 - 6
Made in the U.S.A. 

Keys To Comprehension Skills - LEVEL A - Game Description: 

An Adventurous Way to Master 6 Key Skills!
Players move around the colorful board collecting “keys” and encountering dangers along the way. After landing on a spot, players spin to determine which specific reading skill to focus on, draw a card, read its short passage, and then answer the specific skill question. Get it right and they get a “key” for that skill. Collect all 6 keys and they are on their way to unlocking the buried treasure and winning the game! Question Cards feature humorous and/or intriguing reading passages about strange superstitions, silly laws, unusual creatures, and more.

Sample Card: 

Unusual Creatures 
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a flying squirrel! Flying squirrels don't actually fly through the air - they glide. Flying squirrels have a furry membrane connecting their front leags to their back legs. When they glide, this membrane makes the squirrels look like they have wings. To steer, flying squirrels adjust the tightness of the membrane. That way, they don't crash into a tree! 
This story mainly tells

a. about a squirrel that can glide through the air.
b. how flying squirrels steer.
c. what a flying squirrel looks like.
What's in the Box?
Game Board with Spinner 
6 Pawns 
1 Die 
90 Questions Cards
(15 each of 6 different skills) 
36 Key Cards
(6 each of 6 different skills)

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