Lickety Quick Game

Lickety Quick Game
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Lickety Quick Game
by Educational Insights

Ages 8 +
Grades 3 +
Players: 2 or more

The double scoop word-building game!

the clues to come up with a word first in this scrumptious
word-building game! One set of cards features beginning letters or
letter combinations; the other features Lickety Quick™ clues—part of
speech, double letters, number of syllables, and more. Combine the two
to make a (real!) word first and you win the round!

How to Play:

  • Split the deck into letter cards and Lickety Quick cards.
  • Take turns turning over one of each type of card.
  • Be the first to shout out a (real) word using the criteria on the cards and
    you win the cards!
  • Collect the most cards to win the game.

What's in the Box?

43 letter cards and 43 Lickety Quick cards for endless possibilities

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