Life Stories Game

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Ages 6 +
Players 2 to 8
Made in the U.S.A.

LifeStories® is a delightful game of storytelling - a fun and friendly journey based on each player's own life experiences.  You'll have a great time talking about people, events, thoughts, hopes & dreams.  The rules are simple and the questions are easy.  Every has their own stories to tell!  It's not based on skill or education!!

LifeStories® Goes Wherever Life Takes You.

Its the perfect game for holidays and family reunions because everyone can get involved, from great-grandparents to young children - reinforcing family ties and passing on family history.  LifeStories® allows old friends to make new discoveries about each other, enriching friendships.  And it makes a unique and intriguing way to get to know people at parties.  In fact, LifeStories® can be played almost anywhere people get together!

It's Definitely Not The Same Old Story.

LifeStories® is as fun the 50th time you play as it is the first, because the stories change every new game.  Each time you play LifeStories® you'll learn a little something about the other players - and maybe even something about yourself.

LifeStories® Always Has A Happy Ending.

Best of all, everyone wins.  Play continues until each person finishes the game.  As a player enters the winner's circle, everyone joins the Grand Celebration!

Share LifeStories® With Family & Friends.

Playing LifeStories® isn't the only way you can share smiles - it also makes a truly thoughtful and appreciated gift for practically any occasion.


Tell about an incident when you couldn't stop laughing.

Tell about the kids you grew up with . . . "your crowd."

If you had a month to do anything you wanted to, and cost wouldn't be a factor, what would you do?

Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Why?

What's in the Box?

LifeStories Game Board, 8 Game Markers, 1 Die, Four Question Card Decks


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