Math Dash Game, Addition and Subtraction

Math Dash Game, Addition and Subtraction
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Math Dash Game, Addition and Subtraction

Ages 7 +
Grades 2–3
Players 2 to 8
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards
Title One Approved!

Welcome to Math dash the game that lets you showcase your math skills by being the first to get four in a row!

In this exciting game of skill and strategy, players race to see who can correctly solve math problems and place four playing pieces in a row. Players will discover the need to block their opponents' moves as they strategically place their playing pieces. This classroom-tested game has proven to be effective and is guaranteed to be fun!

  •  Includes eight color-coded sets of playing pieces (four addition/four subtraction)
  •  Either operation can be used on the same board at the same time

Awards Winner:

Teachers' Choice Award 2007 TCA Learning Magazine

It's Matherific!

The fun way to reinforce addition and subtraction facts!

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