Math Mart Card Game, Grades 4 - 5

Math Mart Card Game, Grades 4 - 5
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Math Mart Card Game

Ages 9 +
Grades 4 - 5
Players 2 - 8
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards

Math Skills: Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra, Geometry and Graphing

Games are easy to modify and differentiate for all ability levels!

  •   Game includes easy-, medium- and hard-level cards
  •   Players answer questions using various grade-level math skills
  •   Players compete to reach a predetermined monetary amount—the harder the question, the more money players earn

A Learning and earning Game! Math Mart Card Game - Cash in on your math skills!

1. Choose a card from the playing area. Cards are worth 25 cents, 50 cents, or $1.00. The harder the math problems, the more money it's worth!

2. If you answer correctly, you keep the card and earn the amount shown on the card.

3. The first person to earn the set dollar amount wins!

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