Mazes Animals Activity Zone Workbook

Mazes Animals Activity Zone Workbook
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Mazes Animals Activity Zone Workbook

Ages 4 - 6
Grades Pre-school - Kindergarten
32 pages of creative mazes
Made in the U.S.A.

These beginner mazes combine animal kingdom fun with eye-hand coordination! Little ones love mazes, especially when they’re filled with penguins, leopards, crabs and many more critters. Your child can “help” a kangaroo rat through The Cactus Patch or draw a path through the Swan’s Pond. In addition to developing fine motor skills, mazes help increase attention to detail and enhance problem-solving skills. Mazes (Animals), an Activity Zone workbook, keeps little eyes and hands moving!

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Golden Scholar Club redemption code
• Bold, charming illustrations on every page
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• More Activities to Share inside back cover
• Low-priced learning!

Educational Skills:

eye-hand coordination; attention to detail; patience and focus; problem-solving

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