MindTrap® Left Brain Right Brain Card Game

MindTrap® Left Brain Right Brain Card Game
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MindTrap® Left Brain Right Brain Card Game

Ages 14 - Adult
Players 1 or more
55 Cards

Tap into all that mushy gray matter with MindTrap® Left Brain Right Brain! Challenge the logical left side of your brain and the artistic right side too! It’s a full brain workout that leaves no neurons behind! The MindTrap series of brain challenging puzzles are great to play with a friend or on your own.

Left Brain - Language * Logic
Right Brain - Picture * Problems

How to Play:
1. Shuffle the deck and place all the cards in a pile, question-side up.

2. Player 1 takes the top card (without letting anyone see the answer side) and asks the player on his/her left the question (Player 2). If the question is answered correctly, Player 2 wins the card. If not, Player 1 reads the answer aloud and puts the card into a discard pile.

3. Player 2 now takes the top card from the pile and asks the next player a question.

4. Play continues in a clockwise direction until all cards have been asked. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Optional Short Play:
Rather than playing all 54 cards, decide before beginning how many rounds you want to play.

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