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Last One Standing Math Games, Multiplication Match Game
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Multiplication Match Game
Last One Standing Math Games

Math Skills: Multiplication Facts 0–13
Grade 3 +
Players 2 - 5
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards 

A fun and easy way for students to learn and practice basic math skills!

  •  Self-checking games can be played in groups of 3 or 5 students
  •  Players compete to identify the card in each round that does not have a match
  •  The player holding the card without a match in each round wins that round
  •  Games promote discussion and peer learning
  •  Two ways to play, plus instructions for one-on-one use
  •  Set of 200 cards

The Multiplication Math Facts Card Game!

Two ways to play:

In each round, there's only one lucky player whose card sands alone. Will it be you?

Players figure out the answer to the problems on their cards to see if they match another player's answer. The player without a match wins the round and collects the cards. See who wins the most rounds to become the Multiplication Champion!

Or, if you think you can match fast enough, lay the cards o the table for all players to see. The first player to solve the problems and grab the card without a match wins the round!

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