Nouns Quizmo Game

Nouns Quizmo Game
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Nouns Quizmo Game

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 2 - 20

Nouns Quizmo® will expose students to a variety of noun types at four levels of difficulty. Begin with the introductory concept of person, place, thing & idea and advance to Common & Proper Nouns and Collective & Compound Nouns. Students will never have had so much fun with parts of speech practice!

Educational Benefit:

Increase noun recognition. Differentiate between various types of nouns. Build listening, speaking and writing vocabularies.

Double-sided game boards and calling cards. Features four color-coded levels of play: Level A require the student to identify the noun that is a Person, Place, Thing, or Idea. Level B requires the student to identify the Common or Proper Noun. Level C requires the student to identify the Concrete or Abstract Noun. Level D requires the student to identify the Collective or Compound Noun.

What's in the Box?

40 double-sided game boards, at four levels of play, 120 double-sided calling cards, plastic markers, and instructional guide

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