Nouns, Verbs & More Game Cards

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Nouns, Verbs & More Game Flash Cards
by School Zone

Ages 6 +
Flash Card Size: 3.375" x 6.375"
Made in the U.S.A.

Nouns, Verbs, & More
teaches grammar with a wacky card game that is easy to learn and fun to play. The object of the game is to combine the colorful cards to create sentences.

Does the word “grammar” scare your child—and you? Learning the parts of speech is now cool and easy with these Nouns, Verbs & More Game Cards. The deck includes 16 adjectives, 16 nouns, 16 verbs, and 6 conjunctions, each with wacky pictures and fun-to-read words. You and your child can practice words individually or mix and match and put them together to create silly sentences, like “wobbly penguins kiss.” Laugh and learn with your child today!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• Letters are written in bold, block-style
• Common words paired with animated characters
• Thick, glossy cardstock
• Rounded corners for easy sorting
• Includes a Parent Card with game rules and variations and an Information Card
• Loads of learning for a low price!

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