Phonics Easy Readers on DVD

Phonics Easy Readers on DVD
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Phonics Easy Readers on DVD
by Rock n Learn

Ages 6 & up
Made in the U.S.A.
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Boost reading skills with 12 self-paced stories!
Read-Along Stories on DVD

These easy-to-use stories on DVD go right along with Rock 'N Learn Phonics audio CD and book or Phonics DVD programs. Twelve entertaining stories feature amusing characters and build in sequence from simple to more complex. Students have time to read the words on each screen before hearing them read aloud-with each word highlighted as it is read.

Busy parents love having a self-paced reading program that works at home or during travel. Teachers appreciate an effortless tool that addresses the challenge of providing individualized reading instruction. And kids enjoy fun reading practice that allows them to experience success and move forward as they are ready.

Read along story titles include:

  • The Cats
  • Fun in the Pen
  • Bill, the Big Pig
  • Pat and Nan at Camp
  • Pam and Jill Shop
  • Bill and Max Go for a Swim
  • Jane and Jay
  • Sue Saves the Corn
  • Bart and Mom Have Fun
  • Jay Saves the Day
  • Sue Makes a Friend
  • Bart's Art

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