Phonics Train Game Initial Consonants

Phonics Train Game, Initial Consonants
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Phonics Train Game Initial Consonants

Ages 5 +
Grades kindergarten +
Players 2 - 5
Set of 200 cards

All aboard for games that put phonics learning on the right track! Train games are easy to learn and make perfect small-group learning tools.

Build phonics skills as you connect the train cars!

  •  Games focus on key phonics skills
  •  “Engine” cards are placed face-up on the table, and students use “Train Car” cards to build words and add cars to their trains
  •  Multiple ways to play, including one-on-one practice

Three Ways to Play!

Game 1: Each player chooses an Engine card sith an initial consonant on it. Players take turns drawing ending sound Train cards to see if they can make words and add train cars to their engines. Players try to be the first to add four cars to their trains.

Game 2: Initial consonants Engine cards are laid faceup in a vertical line. Players take turns drawing ending sound Train cards and trying to make words with any of the engines. Each time a player makes the fourth word on a train, he or she may collect the entire train. The person who collects the most trains wins!


200 Initial Consonants Cards and Directions

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