Plant Life Cycles Giant Magnetic

Plant Life Cycles Giant Magnetic
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Giant Magnetic Plant Life Cycles

Ages 5 - 10
Grades Kindergarten +
Largest piece measures 9”H x 7” L

Enlarged for a demonstration on the whiteboard!

  • Features realistic illustrations to model up to 6 stages in the life cycles of a bean and apple

  • Two life cycles in one!

  • Label-free for versatility

Instruct and decorate with giant, colorful magnets that teach the life cycles of two plants!

Liven up your whiteboards and get students to interact with these giant, colorful magnets! The bean and pale life cycles are detailed for exploration and discussion.

Make your whiteboard come alive with science!

Care Instructions

Write on magnets with a dry- or wet-erase marker for multiple uses. Test your marker on the corner of a magnet to make sure marks erase. Erase wet-erase marks with a damp cloth. Do not saturate the magnets. Too much water will damage the product. Do not bend the magnets as this will decrease their magnetism.

Plant Life Cycle Facts and Key Vocabulary Many living things go through several stages before fully developing. The same sequence of steps starts again with the next generation and is known as the life cycle. After starting as seeds, both beans and apple change and grow before
Reaching maturity. The stages of a bean’s life cycle includes the seed, stem, seedling, and plant. The stages of an apple’s life cycle includes the seed, seedling, tree, bud, flower, and fruit. This set of magnets shows the transformation throughout the stages. The illustrations in this set are based on the development of a red kidney bean and an apple.

12-Piece set includes:

• Bean Life Cycle Apple Life Cycle
• Seed with root
• Apple seed
• Emerging seedling
• Seedling
• Seedling
• Tree
• Young plant
• Bud
• Mature plant
• Flower
• Bean pod
• Apple

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