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Rockin' Math™ Game
by Educational Insights

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 2 - 4

Totally amped-up board game!
Think rock stars don’t need math? Think again! How many concert tickets do you have to sell to cover your agent’s fees? How much leather will you need to make custom pants for your entire band? Rock your way around the board, answering amped-up math questions. Climb the stairway to math superstardom! For 2–4 players. Grades 3+
  • Includes guitar-shaped box, 220 pick-shaped cards in limo holder, and 4 star-shaped playing pieces
  • Based on common core state standards for grades 3–4
  • Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions, and more

Awesome addition, subtraction, fraction, and percentage questions Aligned to Common Core Standards!

Meet the Inventor: Scott Myles

As a kid, Scott dreamed of being a rock star – drummer, bassist, guitarist, singer – whatever! His dreams took him all the way to the high school marching band, where he played trombone. He has recently taken up guitar, without much luck, but is considering learning the bass guitar and joining a reggae band! Scott is EI's jack-of-all-trades, working on graphic design and product design as well as managing several math and science products, so we know he can do it. Plus, he just looks like a rock star!

How to Play:

1. Choose a card and read it aloud.

2. Answer three questions correctly at each venue to move around the board.

3. Advance around the board (and closer to your rock ‘n’ roll dreams!).

4. Get to the International Music Awards first to win!


Guitar-shaped box, 220 pick-shaped cards in limo holder, and 4 star-shaped playing pieces (Guitar-shaped box measures 2"D x 18"W x 12.25"H)

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