Royalty Word Card Game

Royalty Word Card Game, Royalty is a simple yet splendid word-building card game. Word-Building Word-Capturing Card Game! Buy Royalty Word Card Game at!
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Ages 9 - Adult
Player 2 - 6..or play solitaire

Word-Building Word-Capturing Card Game!

Royalty is a simple yet splendid word-building card game. The objec is to form words using the cards in your hand, or to add letters to words that your opponents have created to gain the highest score!

Form one word from your hand. Score is determined by points on the red and black cards. If the word is all one color and at least four letters., you've earned a Royalty, and your score doubles! Example: ALE=6 points, PEAL=12; but CALM-32! and CAMP=40!

You may also build on one word in the playing area by adding at least one letter and arranging all the letters to form a new word. Example: PAR could become PARE (12 points) or CAPER (18 points).

Royalty is as much fun for kids just learning to read and spell as it is for adults!

A dynamic game for wordsters and youngsters alike!

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