SAFE-T Bullseye Geometry Compass

SAFE-T Bullseye Compass
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SAFE-T Bullseye Geometry Compass

This 4-in-1 drawing tool can be used as a compass, a ruler in inches, a ruler in centimeters and a protractor.

The opening in the Direct View ™ compass point provides the easiest, most accurate location for all circle constructions. Quick-Set ™ radius indicator allows for immediate comparison of inches and cm. Built-in protractor measures and constructs angles. Made of SAFE-T ® Plastic ® for a safer, longer lasting tool.

The Bullseye Compass features a transparent pivot point and a Quick-Set radius indicator with two radius holes for easy and accurate drawing of circles. Students can determine and draw the radius in customary or metric scales and even use the built-in protractor to construct and measure angles. Correlated to standards.

Circles can be drawn with diameters from 1” to 9 3/8”.

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