Shopping Mall Math Workbook

Shopping Mall Math Workbook
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Shopping Mall Math Workbook

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd + 

Build essential Consumer Savvy Math Skills!

Practical life skills! In each of the 25 lessons in this learning unit, students are presented with a graphic illustration of a storefront window display. The drawings feature various items and their prices. It's just like window shopping! Whether it's the gas station, the Home Shopping Network, or a yard sale, students will enjoy putting their math skills to work on these practical activities.

Example: The ACME camera in the display case shows a selling price of $37.50. The film runs $3.60 a roll. If you buy the camera and two rolls of film, how much would you spend?

The exercises ask a variety of addition, subtraction, and multiplication questions and provide a fun and practical way to improve math skills.

Fun, Real - life Shopping Situations to Improve Basic Math Skills!

Educational Benefits:
* Word Problems
* Multiplication
* Subtraction
* Addition

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