Spanish Ad Libs Simple Sentences Workbook

Spanish Ad Libs Simple Sentences Workbook
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Spanish Ad Libs Simple Sentences Book
Improlabras Oraciones Básicas

Ages 7 +
Grades 2 +

Spanish Ad Libs: Simple Sentences - the fun alternative to skill-and drill phonics and grammar worksheets!

This workbook features 44 reproducible activities that reinforce children's phonics and language skills. Children select their own words to fill in the blanks for phonics and grammar fun!

Actividades para practicar las siguientes destrezas:

  • sonidos y combinaciones de las letras
  • partes de la palabra
  • partes de la oración
  • acentuación y puntuación
  • rima y onomatopeya
  • antónimos, sinónimos y homófonos
  • letter combinations and sounds
  • word parts and parts of speech
  • accentuation and punctuation
  • rhymes, onomatopoeia, antonyms, synonyms and homophones


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