Splash of Color Magnetic Sorting Set

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Splash of Color Magnetic Sorting Set
by Learning Resources

Ages 3 - 5
Grades Pre-Kindergarten

Make a color splash on your whiteboard!

  • Sort magnetic objects into their color cans
  • Build color recognition, vocabulary, and early math skills
  • Adhere to any magnetic surface—great for whiteboards and centers

Get students to see the world in full color! Teach sorting, vocabulary, counting and much more with magnetic pieces that connect to any
whiteboard or magnetic surface for a dynamic display. Familiar images and color-splash paint cans will animate students’ imaginations!

Suggested Activities

• Place all paint cans on the board. Hand out magnetic objects and have students place them in the matching color paint cans. Then, have students think of other objects not in the set that match the colors of the cans. Write the names of these objects on the board beside the cans.

• Have students say the name of the magnetic object in the context of a short sentence: “The grapes are purple.”
• Choose a magnetic object and hide it behind your back. Then, describe the object and ask students to guess its identity. Have the student who answered correctly place the object in its matching can.

• Place a paint can on the board and fill the can with all the matching objects. Write the names of the objects beside the can. Encourage students to read aloud the letters, one at a time, of each word (place your index finger beneath the letters to prompt students, if necessary).
• Place a paint can on the whiteboard. This time, hold up each of the five objects in that color. Ask students to say the beginning letter of the object before writing the full name on the board.

• When a can is completely filled with its matching objects, have students count the objects.

Oral Language:
• Place on the board three objects, two of the same color and one of a different color. Have students say which one is different. Encourage students to describe the objects aloud: “The apple is red, the wagon is also red, but the ant is black.

What's in the Box?

8 Magnetic Paint Cans (8” x 10”), 40 magnets (5 for each color - red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, brown) and Activity Guide

Magnetic Objects:
Black: crayon, tire, cat, ant, hat
Blue: crayon, balloon, blueberry, bird, ribbon
Brown: crayon, acorn, teddy bear, pretzel, ice cream cone
Green: crayon, peas, t-shirt, grasshopper, clover
Orange: crayon, fish, orange slice, carrot, basketball
Purple: crayon, kite, jelly, grapes, flower
Red: crayon, ladybug, strawberry, wagon, apple
Yellow: crayon, banana, cheese, sun, star

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