Story Problems Grades 3-4 Workbook

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Story Problems Grades 3-4 Workbook
by School Zone

Ages 8 - 9
Grades 3 - 4
Made in the U.S.A.

Help reinforce your child’s reading comprehension and problem-solving skills. Discerning what’s what from a set of information is an important skill for effective learning and test-taking. This Story Problems 3-4 workbook will help your child learn to find clue words, identify a familiar equation, and successfully solve the story problem. Skills involved include multiplication, division, fractions, logic problems, picture graphs, and more. Step-by-step examples, picture clues, and clear instructions will show your child how reading and math fit together. Bold, colorful illustrations help make it fun, and the slim size is great for packing into totes, backpacks and luggage.

Fun Features & Benefits
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Activities to Share
• 30 pages of story problem activities
• Easy-reference Answer Key
• Convenient, take-anywhere size

Educational Skills:
addition and subtraction; multiplication; story problems; problem-solving; fractions; picture graphs; bar graphs; logic; reading comprehension

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