Telling Time Match Me Card Game

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Ages: 6 +
Grades 1st+
Made in the U.S.A.
Award-winning Match Me® Cards engage learners’ matching, memory, and word/picture recognition skills. Digital and analog clock faces with corresponding numbers and words. Hours in quarters, halves, three-quarters, and wholes.  Two-sided cards feature photos for real-life connections.
Set includes six fun and easy-to-follow activities:

Time Twins: Lay cards out, analog clock and digital watch side facing up.  Match each clock with the watch that shows the same time.  How many of these Time Twins can you match each time you play?

See and Say: Lay cards out, clock and watch side facing up.  One by one, say the time on each card, then flip it over to check your answer.  Set aside the cards you need to practice more.  Play See and Say with those cards.  Then mix all the cards together, play again, and see how much you improve!

Words Up: Sort cards into two piles: watches and time words.  Match each watch to the words that tell you what time it is.  Tell something you do at that time of day!

Time Out: Sort cards into two piles: clock and time-telling numbers.  Match each clock to the numbers that tell the time it shows.  See if you can match them all!

Number & Word Match: Lay all cards clock and watch sides down.  Read and match the time-telling words to the time-telling numbers.  Play until you match them all!

Time Trail: Sort the cards into clocks and watches.  Read and sort the clocks in order from left to right, starting with the earliest and goes to the latest times shown.  Then do the same for the watches.  Practice saying the correct time as you place each card.  Play this game with telling-time numbers and words, too!


52 Two-Sided Telling Time Cards Analog and Digital

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