Uncle Wiggily Game

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Ages 4 to 8
Players 2 to 4
Time To Learn: 2 Minutes
Play Time: 15 - 20 Min.

Uncle Wiggily Longears is celebrating his 90th birthday and we're delighted to bring something new to his party.
In 1910, Uncle Wiggily was created by author Howard Garis for a series of stories he wrote for The Newark News. The stories were so successful, they were nationally syndicated for decades to come.
This charming Uncle Wiggily game™ follow Uncle Wiggily on a journey from his Hollow Stump Bungalow to Dr. Possum's office. Children will enjoy hopping their Uncle Wiggily movers along the winding path through the woods. The cards feature delightful rhymes taken right from the 1949 edition of Uncle Wiggily. Players draw cards and follow the simple rhymes to move or if they're too young to read, match numbers and symbols. The first player to get their Uncle Wiggily mover to Dr. Possum's office wins the game.


Beautifully illustrated Game Board, 4 Uncle Wiggily Playing Tokens, 48 Rabbit Verse Game Cards


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