Where in the World - USA Edition Game

Where in the World - USA Edition Game
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Where in the World - USA Edition Game

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 1 - 6
Made in the U.S.A.

For anyone who wants to learn anything about U.S. Geography!

The “Where in the World” brand and famous game play has extended to a NEW USA edition. Filled with up to date facts, players will learn thirteen unique features of each U.S. State. Featured facts include: admission date, rank in size, population, capital’s, attractions and more.

What's the capital of Colorado?

The USA Edition also includes a new level of play for larger groups and classrooms.

To the geographically informed, the United States of America is a much more meaningful place. The border lines of all 50 U.S. states are undeniably recognizable in shape and pattern.

How many states border New York?

Where in the World?™ U.S.A. Edition is an in-depth game whose main purpose is to make you geographically informed of each state in the union. As you play each entertaining game, you will build a solid base of facts and geographical information about every state in America.

What year did Iowa become a state?

So gather around and explore the wonders defined by America's Founding Fathers and what has become of their efforts in modern day. You'll soon become well versed in detailed facts and historical attractions of the United States of America no matter Where in the U.S>A> you travel to next!

Learn interesting Facts For each U.S. State:

• State Name
• Region
• Flag
• Capital
• Postal Code
• Population
• Rank in Size
• Admission Date
• State Motto
• State Flower
• State Bird
• State Tree
• Attractions
• Bordering States

What's Inside the Game Box:

U.S.A. Map Board, 120 - Marker Tokens, 50 U.S. State Cards, 6 - Template U.S> State Cards Rules

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